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 . . the best thing you can do for your book is to get out of its way and let it run for a while. . . . The sooner you give your characters a chance to tell their story, the better. I have a mind to finish, and the better I shall do it the slower I shall write. No poet can express a poem in a hurry. The only way to be happy is to work slowly. It has struck me that one way to keep writing is to work at least four times as hard as anyone else. This is a surprising discovery to me, as I have always assumed that if I wrote any faster than someone else, my writing would not be any good. Writing is a sort of fury. In the fury of my own writing, I have discovered that I can write with a power of wit unknown to me in all my other moods. Some of the best art is slow art. . . . If you find yourself in a hurry, it is always a sure sign that you are being forced into it. I have always observed, that no one is good for any other than his own kind of writing. No one will ever inspire us except by showing us the better part of his own being. I am a passionate worker and I want to be able to choose my way of working and of doing things as much as possible. I consider that no one has had a worse education than myself. I do not know what I should think of someone who could write after a day of playing at anything else. It would not be worth while to be ill if we were to write after half an hour's work. I have often tried to put myself in a state of non-attachment to my work. I wanted to make a way for myself by not being a slave to it. This state of mind has been accompanied by deep introspection. This is the first time that this has ever come to me in a work of art. I have often noticed that I have never felt a joy or pleasure, either physical or mental, so absolute as the joy I have felt while writing. I feel that I have always felt keenly the reaction of every moment of my life to my work, whether it was good or bad, and when I have been entirely happy, it has been when I have been in some sort of turmoil, which made me write for a while.





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Life Of Pi English Pdf Free Download

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