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All About Moet Fukada

Frame by Frame

Moet Fukada is an IT analyst and a best-seller writer in Japan. She is also an entrepreneur with a group of talented scientists focusing on the most advanced technology development. From the success of breakthrough technology developed, she becomes an executive consultant to the Japan leading 5G company in Japan

On June 19, 2019, she unearthed a China spy network in Japan over a YouTube channel. In this video, she presented the evidence proving those Chinese unlawfully obtained Japanese citizenship and keep their Chinese identities hidden from the public. This YouTube video has reached 1.6 million views and still counting. It is a record in Japan for the most views of a non-entertainment video. Her report has aroused intense interest from the public.


Moet Fukada and her science team have long been the victim of Huawei and the China Liberation Army. The science team she worked with was the lead designer of the F-35 flight control and image display systems. They have invented many groundbreaking designs, including an AI-based cryptography system, a stealth wireless communication method, and an actual 3D holographic display. Unfortunately, those inventions caught Huawei and China Liberation Army’s attention. Huawei and its associates stole those inventions on several occasions in the past two decades.

Moet Fukada reported Huawei and China Liberation Army’s crimes to the FBI in 2013. Unexpectedly, China uses its influence, and allies in the US started the most horrible revenge. China Liberation Army became the whistleblower of the IRS against her science team. The IRS started the fiercest audit of her science team based on false documents provided by the China Liberation Army since 2014 for the tax year from 1998 to 2020. Even the IRS did not find any unreported income as China Liberation Army claimed, but this case keeps going.

The IRS event drives her into a fight against Huawei and the China Liberation Army hence becoming an investigator on China’s aggression in the world. She has published a best seller in Japan detailed her research. It is how she discovered the China spy network in Japan, having directly tied to the top research institute of the China Liberation Army. UNBELIEVABLY, the spy network, is now under the IRS protection as the whistleblower against her science team. She is asking public support to examine the ties between the IRS and the China Liberation Army. She has seen China graduate taking control of Japan. She passionately believes the China’s penetration into the IRS is the start of China penetrating to the US.

A few months after her YouTube success, the Japanese police detained her under criminal charges for uncovering China’s identities spy network. Japan police insist that no matter those Chinese legally or illegally obtained Japanese citizenship, they are responsible for protecting those Chinese. Simultaneously, a Japan right-wing group, the Japan Innovation Party, started a brutal attack on her over the media and social network, calling her a fraud and a criminal. Simultaneously, one of the most popular Taiwan nightly news, the Era News, openly scold her as a scammer, and her discovery of the China spy network in Japan is false.

Her fight is still going. For the lover of Japan, for the US’s admiration, a great nation, and her firm belief in freedom, she will never stop!

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