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Muffled Voices and Silenced Inventions - How Huawei Kills Competitions

There are numerous reports Huawei stole intellectual properties from the US companies. But almost all victims are large corporations. It seems Huawei only interests about the inventions from large companies, does not?

The reality is only those cases involved large companies can receive attentions from the government and acknowledged by the public.

Inventions are the same as art creations. A famous art is from a talented artist; thus, a great invention is from a talented scientist. No one would think only big companies can make enchanting art works. At least almost all famous artists we know are individuals. Science is the same, a valuable invention not necessary can only come from a big company or a large institute.

But the common sense is otherwise. Public tends to believe only big corporations can make inventions. It does make sense. Unlike an artwork, an invention involves complex scientific theories and sophisticated engineering efforts. Both requires a large team under a good funding. It is not an individual capable of.

But how the ideal of an invention came to this world? In the end it is from a person, an individual.

The consensus is that Thomas Edison invented the electric utility in 1880. But few may know it was Nicola Tesla invented the alternative current, not Thomas Edison, making the electricity available to everyone in everyday use. There are many amazing articles about this incredible story. Whatever happened to Nicola Tesla is cruel. When an invention deprived from the original creator is just like taking a child away from their mother. The suffering is immense. It is an unimaginable pain for no one would understand. And yet that happened to my company, to those scientists I am working with, many many times.

It is an excruciating pain. Sadly, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

The worst is after Huawei successfully stole our technologies. Huawei and their associates started heartless attacks to us, to our scientists, after successfully looted our designs. Huawei’s associates filed numerous frivolous lawsuits against us calling us thieves and criminals. They also filed multiple false criminal complaints against us to the police, the IRS, and the FBI under through the help from powerful friends in politics. They even use Huawei’s buying power as an ultimate influence, asking major corporations stop doing business with us.

Huawei and their associates seized our bank accounts, filed false financial reports ruined our credits, sent letters to our banks advising them to stop engaging with us, and informed major investment institutes not to invest on us. This is not enough for Huawei. Huawei and their associates repeatedly publish slandering news over major outlets humiliating us, use a strong army posting tens of thousands defaming articles and comments every day against us, and put a large surveillance team watching our every move. If we talked an attorney, they would hire them immediately under a much better term. If we try to report their crime to the government, they will immediately find connections through influential insiders to cease our case.

Huawei and their associates would not be satisfied by just robbing our inventions and our designs. They want to stifle our business and our lives until we cease our existence from this world, literally.


The reason is simple, they want to ensure we have no ability to report their crimes, to make certain we are too weak and too small to fight back, and to guarantee that we stay limp and trivial forever. They just believe we are destined for the hell; we are doomed to be forgotten.

The key scientist in my company was almost poisoned to death last year. Miraculously, he survived.

Who are Huawei associates? Those business leaders in Taiwan. They all come from the same town of China close to Shanghai, and awfully close to the hometown of President Xi. They and Huawei funder factually are families. They control major semiconductor companies in the world. They pay lucratively to lobbyists and think tanks. They donate heavily to the US politicians and politicians around the world. They are friend to the US presidents and other world leaders. Their influence is boundless.

How do we survive? Still we are breathing. May only God help us.

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