Moët Fukada

Glass Buildings

A Country That Is No Longer My Own

I am Moe Fukada, a Japanese journalist and IT analyst. I am also an entrepreneur who has worked with talented scientists for ten years. The first time I learned about Huawei was when I started my business with those scientists. I could not believe that what they said about Huawei was true. Their story was so horrible. Not until one year later that whatever has happened to them has also happened to me that I realized every word they said to me is true. 

Most Americans see Japan as an important ally, but few may know Japan is no longer a country controlled by people with Japanese interests in mind. China has become a dominating factor in Japan, even in our daily lives. The transformation happened silently and unnoticeably. Japan can never go back to what it was. Many aspects of community, society, business, economy, the police, the justice system, and politics have been taken over by pro-Chinese individuals who do not have Japanese interests in mind. I, as a Japanese may not be able to see the Japanese take back control of the country in my lifetime. It sounds crazy but it is the heartbreaking truth.

Those scientists have been haunted by Huawei consecutively for 22 years and are still ongoing. I want to share my story and what I have learned with you. The words I am about to write are from my tears, my fears, and despair. They are coming from my heart. I hope whoever reads this can realize how terrifying it is when a country is no longer controlled by people with the interest of that nation at heart. Hopefully, through my words we may work together in pushing some changes; changes to the heartless system, to let us live peacefully and without any conflict.


Entrepreneur • Best Seller Writer in Japan • IT Analyst • Columnist of Yahoo! Finance Japan • Executive Consultant of Japan Leading 5G Company • Waseda University