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I have been Detained by the Japanese Police under Criminal Charges because I Unearthed a Chinese Spy

I am a columnist of a famous Japanese political magazine. I also published several best sellers in Japan in the IT business. From time to time I have contributed articles to various Japanese newspapers. Most of my writing is based on what I have been through from years’ hounding by the Huawei confederate.

One of my articles unearthed an individual whom I believe is a Chinese spy with dual identities, questionable Japanese citizenship and a Chinese citizenship hidden from the Japanese. This person established numerous companies in China, Japan, and the US since he was eighteen. Only in his thirties, this young, rich, and powerful Chinese owns several operations in Japan ranging from bioscience, beauty salons, web services, and high-tech research and development.

I am a victim of this young Chinese. He stole an AI based encryption software and an ultra-low latency video transmission design from us. Both are dual use technology also applicable to the defense industry. He stole our designs through Internet downloads without using a physical device such as a flash drive, which was therefore not illegal in Japan.

Through my investigation, as an effort to recover my stolen designs, I discovered his father is a top Communist Party scientist associated with a fellow in charge of missiles and material development in China Liberation Army. I also discovered he obtained a government contract managing the Japan Science and Technology Agency database and he used servers in a China Liberation Army base to store all data of this Japan government agency. I also discovered this spy network linked to a suspected domestic terrorist group. Those people engaged in attacks on US pilots while taking-off and landing at US bases in Japan via high power laser light.

I reported my discovery to both the Japanese government and the late Senator John McCain. The late Senator appreciated my report through a personal email, but the Japanese government harshly dismissed it as “confusing and troublesome.” The official of Japanese government thinks Japan has no ability to verify information in China therefore blaming me as a troublemaker.

As any journalist would do, I wrote an article asking public awareness of this spy network from China. Unexpectedly after I published my article, there were tens of thousands of Internet postings from Taiwan accusing me as a “Chinese spy.” There are numerous famous Taiwanese YouTubers attacking me and calling me a “sick liar.” Multiple Taiwan newspapers and news media called me a “business fraud and delusional.” Yes, those attacks are from Taiwan not China because Japanese trust Taiwanese much more than Chinese, which is the typical China two-side strategy.

This was just the beginning.

In November 2019, I was detained by a Japanese police officer, Yusuke Takahashi from from Ushigome Station of Tokyo, under the criminal charge of defamation by posting an article on the China spy network, the victim being the young Chinese and his Chinese associates. Tokyo police enforced a gag order forbidding me further writings of any alleged spy and terrorist activities of those Chinese with a threat of immediate arrest. This gag order creates serious concerns about the openness of Japan’s police task force on security issues towards the 2020 Olympic Games delayed to 2021 due to the concerns of coronavirus.

After my detention, the cyber-attack on me enhanced — with thousands of slanderous daily posts from Taiwan and Japan, repeatedly calling me a China spy, criminal, pervert, fraud, and psychopath. Some of the postings even threatened my life and wellbeing. Oddly, some famous Japanese congressmen joined the charade by harshly criticizing me.

The Tokyo police do know that Chinese and alleged terrorists do have a different set of identities, but ruled that it is their duty to protect those Chinese and alleged terrorists even though some of them are high-ranking officers in the Chinese Liberation Army. The Tokyo police stated their position that so long as those Chinese and alleged terrorists hold Japanese nationality, my publicly calling them spies is a defamation crime.

I questioned the Toyo police officer Yusuke Takahashi, for equality before the law, why the police do not make the same criminal defamation charges against those people calling me a spy over the Internet and Tokyo police are not investigating this at all? Yusuke Takahashi answered me that the people publicly calling me a spy are just expressing their “personal opinions” while citing my claim as a crime. Yusuke Takahashi told me the Tokyo police has the authority to determine what is and is not a crime as it is within their power to make this “judgement”. The Tokyo police have concluded their investigation on me and determined the evidence of my “crime” is overwhelming. Now the Tokyo police are sending my case to Japan prosecutors for criminal indictment.

This is Japan, a country that no longer is mine.

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